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< Over Raided > Dreanor EU

by Evius, 98 days ago

< Over Raided > is recruiting the following classes / specs to bolster and diversify our raid team.

We are currently at 7/7 NM and 7/7 HC.Not the fastest guild out there, but still progressing and having fun while doing it !We are looking to expand our group of 15 regular raiders to around 20 or more.

Currently recruiting the following


  • Shadow Priest
  • MM / BM hunter
  • Mage
  • Warlock


About Us

We're one of those guilds where most of us raided since the beginning.However since were a bit older now we cannot sustain the whole 5/7 days a week raiding.Therefore we settled on 2-3 nights of raiding ( the last being optional but often utilised ) , with the aim of doing as much as we can in that limited time.

Some of us have been friends since the beginning, and others recently joined and became new friends.  It's a good mix of new and old, and we seem to have a generally relaxed and fun atmosphere during raids. Obviously, since we do like our progress we still ask to be quiet during the harder fights now and then, but there is enough banter in between to make you feel yourself at home. Besides that, pretty much everyone seems to be on a first name basis, which in general helps to make it a bit more personal.

We started a bit slow, with some serious raiding rust to shake off.But it all seems to come together now. Especially since we have a stable core team and a steady influx of new members.

From the beginning we said, lets try and clear as much as we can, including mythic.However let me point out that mythic is on the table, but not necessarily the primary goal. You can expect however that we will at least attempt it, now or in the future.



  • Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday 19:00 - 22: 00




  • Be able to attend the tuesday and wednesday raids.
  • Have a sense of humour ;-).
  • Have flasks, food and pots at the ready for progress and the harder fights. It's not required for every boss, but can be called upon by the raidleader.
  • Try and do as much as you can outside of the raids, like a mythic+ here and there, or maybe some farming for your consumables. We won't ever force you to play more, but expect you to be able to sustain your "raiding habit".
  • Other than that : don't forget it's a game, have fun while doing it.
  • Be willing to chip in to make the guild a little better every day. ( Tips , tactics, opinions, maybe some crafting for raid consumable's. Anything you think might help!



What we offer

  • A friends and family atmosphere, where pretty much everyone knows each other on a first name basis..
  • Frequent guild meetings where you can voice your opinion. We value all input.
  • Lots and Lots of wiping.
  • Mental support for the recently relapsed WoW addict

If this at all sounds like it's a match for you, feel free to apply to our guild by filling out the application on our website over at  ,

Or feel free to contact any of the officers below ingame :






Other than that our primary recruiting process consists of a small personal interview, preferrably on discord if we can. It's not so much that we are going to interrogate you, but we are a social bunch and just like to chat ;-)


Thank you for your time !




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